Boost Business Sales, Generate Business Leads, Driving more traffic to your website

Lead Magnets Boost Business sale

A lead magnet is a way to get your visitors’ information in exchange for something valuable, from free trials to innovative online audit services, you can offer anything that can be received immediately via email. If it hits the target, visitors subscribe and you earn your leads without annoying them. Lead magnets thus compensate users for their engagement with an obvious advantage.

• Lead magnets deliver value before asking for money;
• The value is available only in exchange for a visitor’s email address;
• Visitor can benefit immediately after the transaction;
• You are providing your leads with useful content and
• Your ‘gift’ helps leads discover additional benefits of choosing your brand.

They provide value and are shareable:
Free high-quality content provides great value. If your ‘bait’ is smart and relevant, it shows your customers that you’re not just trying to sell them something and get their money. It’s easy to share links to your research or to embed your video in a blog post.

They promote your brand as an authority:
Lead magnets, such as case studies, manuals or research help you position yourself as an expert in your industry. You can show your potential customers that you are good at what you do and know how to help them.

You can invent your own types of custom lead magnets, highlighting the benefits only your business can provide. You can provide information, entertainment, or bargains.
Here are some ideas of lead magnet that could transform the way you engage new customers:

    Content bait is any piece of content that provides clear and immediate value to your audience. For example:
    • Text content: How to guides, reports, whitepapers, cheat sheets, case studies, checklists, etc.
    • Video content: Video guides and video courses.
    • Visuals: Infographics.
    The first step is to offer a piece of content that can solve your customers’ challenges. After they click the button and enter their information, they’ll receive an email with your content attached. This offer can be integrated into your page, or it can appear in pop-ups.
    Social Media Marketing offered its Industry Report for free, providing a short description on the main page. In addition, after spending some time on the page, visitors would encounter a pop-up window that offered a download of a free PDF copy.
    Widgets are built-in tools that integrate with your website or landing pages. They provide your customers with a unique brand experience by offering them a very customized service. They also enable you to collect valid email addresses, or phone numbers, or other personal data about your prospects. For example, some widgets offer a service, a report, or other important information that may be hard to get for free. With the SEMrush Lead Generation tool, you can place a custom widget on your website that allows you to collect business leads. Your site visitors may see a sign-up form, after which they have signed up, will receives a free content via email, while you receive both their email address and the additional data.

    Another way to turn your visitors into leads is to add a callback widget to your website. By inserting the code on your site, you enable your potential client to click on the widget icon to contact you directly and request a response. Getsitecontrol forms and popups help you prevent website visitors from leaving without taking action. This is an easy way to establish individual communication with your prospects and to connect when it’s most convenient for them.
    Gamification can be an effective way to attract leads. Using gaming principles allows you to collect the key information you need about your prospective clients. You might create interactive quizzes to encourage users to leave their email addresses, and you can use the collected data for multiple purposes, for example, to customize a welcome email series that is tailored to the answers they gave in the quiz. Teasing your prospective clients and entertaining them with a short and simple quiz, and send the results via email; this is a tried and tested way of generating leads.
    A survey that exists primarily for your market research can also be used as one of the best B2B lead magnets with an eye-catching CTA. Prospects provide their opinions on the topic related to your industry, and you can, in turn, collect data about their interests.
    You can encourage users to answer survey questions and share their contact details in exchange for the whole industry report for free. Better yet, you can also offer the survey results as a data pack in exchange. You may clarify that, their opinions is important to you and other people in your niche.
    Live demos are useful if your product is comparatively complex, as there are always users who will skip over the ‘”read the manual” step. Engaging your customers in a question-and-answer session can connect them ‘live’ with your customer care.
    Both webinars and podcasts offer new ways to engage with your audience and can be extremely rewarding. You can ask industry experts to take part in your webinar. The more interesting and relevant the topic is the more people are likely to be engaged. Also, provide customers with useful tips while showing them the benefits of your offer, and share your industry knowledge with them. You’ll be building your brand image as someone who assists and grows specialists.
    You can organize online events and ask people to leave their email addresses to register for an event. Virtual events are not restricted to a single location. This is especially beneficial in these times when remote working and online meetings are becoming the new normal. Event like this will provide your prospective customers the opportunity to learn from specific professionals in the industry and exchange knowledge.
    Free trials allow your product to sell itself, eliminating such obstacles as marketing, advertising and potentially pushy messaging. When your customers decide that they need your product after trying it for some time, then you’ve provided them with a great experience.
    Contests have the potential to go viral. Challenge your audience and get them feeling excited about your offer. This is a great way for them to engage more potential customers in their network.
    Coupons, discounts, or a few useful freebies are powerful ways to entice an audience to subscribe. Captivating design, combined with the right CTA, can make your offer very attractive. Words like “now” or “limited” can add urgency to the CTA, and motivate customers to quickly take action.
    One of the good things about templates is that users can download and customize them by filling in the blanks to suit their needs. It’s downloadable and ready to be modified and adapted to individual business needs, makes a great asset for marketers who are looking to add to their collection.
    The popularity of live chats has grown in recent years. Chatbot technology that enables you to engage with your customers via a personal assistant on your website continues to evolve, and bots can automatically qualify your leads for you. Drift’s chatbot can have a conversation with your site visitors, ask qualification questions, create leads in your CRM, and book meetings in your calendar for qualified leads. These intelligent virtual assistants can chat on your website 24 hours a day and serve as the best lead magnets without requiring any forms.

boosting business sale?

Internet Technology is not just essential for day-to-day running of your business but also can help to achieve growth and success when utilized effectively. With the right tools you can adapt to your changing business needs, provide a good level of customer service, minimize operational costs and maximize revenues. Other benefits include:

Respond to change
Organizational ability to respond to change is critical for business success. With the ability to respond rapidly to emerging trends and changing market conditions, you can outperform the competition and drive business growth. Research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) suggests agile businesses grow revenue 37 per cent faster and generate 30 per cent higher profits than non-agile companies. Informed decision-making According to Sage, companies with more effective data grow 35 per cent faster year-over-year. With real-time access to accurate data, you can obtain valuable insights to fuel business decisions. This in turn will support business growth allowing you to make continuous improvements based on your current business performance.

Higher returns
According to Federation of Small Businesses, 85 per cent of small businesses identified investment in new technologies as a key driver for business growth. By simplifying your business processes, modern solutions will free up time allowing you to focus on what matters most growth and revenue generation. Added to this, 53 per cent of businesses believe that by providing real-time and accurate data, modern technology has helped in targeting new customers.

Increased productivity
Flexible and easier to use, new technologies can reduce the cost and complexity of IT management, so your staff can focus on adding business value instead of routine tasks. According to the Telegraph, adopting new technologies can lead to 84 per cent increase in office productivity. The trend is expected to continue, with a further growth of 22 per cent predicted by 2020.

How to leverage technology to improve business performance?
Cloud-based applications are often ideal for SMEs to help them improve business performance, because they tend to carry a lower up-front cost and limit the burden of in-house management. Accessible on different devices, regardless of the location, cloud technology further helps to boost staff productivity and efficiency. Here is how to leverage technology to improve business performance:

Well-thought strategy
For a successful implementation of new technology, it is essential to develop a business plan that documents the business drivers and challenges, the process issues and the existing IT setup. This will help you understand what must be accomplished and implemented in order to achieve desired business goals.

The right tools
According to the Techaisle 2015 SMB Cloud Adoption Trends Study, nearly half of businesses say the cloud makes them more agile, allowing to adapt more quickly to changing business needs. Whether expanding the infrastructure that powers your business applications or adding new PCs, devices and apps that help your employees work more efficiently, cloud offers mobility and scalability to help you anticipate, manage and respond quickly to the dynamic market demands.

Embrace change
You are likely to approach change and new technologies with a healthy amount of skepticism. Depending on the project, it can take several months of planning to develop a sound and future-proof IT strategy that follows the broader vision for your business. Nonetheless, it is important to embrace the pace of that change. Remember, resistance means your business may will slip behind the competition!


Online Strategy For Business Growth

A robust online marketing strategy will help you boost your business sale. These digital strategies have been proven to help companies improve their performance. If you employ them, you could be on your way to creating a concrete internet marketing strategy that helps you brings in more customers and retain new ones.

  1. Invest in Web Design
    We often don’t consider web design as a marketing approach. A Well Designed and Functional website is the reflection of the person or group of people running a business. It speaks volumes about seriousness of the business. It is the center of all your digital marketing. It must have Fresh, Quality Content, be Easy to Use, Optimized for Mobile, readily accessible contact and location, Clear calls to actions and Optimized for Search and the Social Web. If you don’t have the design skills to do it yourself, then it’s worth hiring someone to create a website that is modern, interactive and mobile friendly.
  2. Use Search Engine Marketing and Optimization
    Search engine marketing and optimization are strategies that increases online visibility and reach. It aids top ranking on the search engine result list. Implementing a robust SEO strategy increasing your online reach, drives more traffic to your website, generate business leads and Boosting business sale. In other words, it increases the chances of being the company an individual chooses to work with after searching online.
  3. Affiliate and Associate Programs
    With an affiliate program, people who believe in your company can share your information and grow your market on a commission-based platform. Affiliate or associate program doesn’t necessarily work for every business. However, if you do, you can quickly see your marketing efforts improve without needing to do much yourself.
  4. Hire a Consultant
    If you’re not an expert in digital transformation and internet marketing, consult with Triple O Solutions. There are hundreds of internet marketing consultants available to you, many of whom can give you a consultation about what you should change to see success. For business owners who need to focus on other business systems, we deliver custom solution and work smart to boost business sale by increasing online visibility, generating business leads and driving more traffic to your website.
  5. Use Email Marketing
    There are many approaches to generating email address and you should consider email lists that will supply the specific needs of potential customers. You can also consider purchasing the behavioral algorithms or analysis of your potential customers and use that information to develop your marketing strategy.
  6. Build an Opt-In Email List
    An opt-in email list is a collection of email lists with information that your subscribers have willingly given to you. This means they are aware that you are adding them to your list and agree to receive emails, newsletters, or other forms of digital communication from you. This allows you to connect with potential customers and current clients.
  7. Become writer of Articles and publish News Stories
    You can write and publish professional base articles or work with a public relations professional to get your business into articles and news stories on topics related to what you do. It will not only help establish you as a trusted expert, but it will introduce your business to broader audience or customer base. You can also sign up for free services that connects you with writers looking for sources.
  8. Commit to Giveaways
    Giveaways and contests are the idealistic generations of not just interactive content or generating email list. They’re not only extremely fun and engaging, but also a good lead generating strategy. As you’re working through the process of creating your giveaway or contest, make sure to tie each decision back to your business goals.
  9. Maintain Good Blog System
    Your blog should be used to consistently post new keywords and optimize your search engine strategy. You should use your blog to provide or offer professional advice, share profitable information that adds value to your website visitors. Your blog is a great way to gain the trust of your website visitor.


Leverage Internet to Boost Sales

We know that your business needs a website, and if you don’t have one as yet, you are already behind. Apart from building an engaging site, what else can you use to improve your sales?

As business owner, one of the things we focus on is how to increase sales. We review past successes and try to replicate them. We strategize and consider best practices, However, some of the simple and easy to implement steps can be overlooked, because they seem, well, simple.
We know the power of the internet and we know that you can use it to increase your sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a major financial player. You can use the internet to grow and scale your business. It doesn’t matter if you operate an e-commerce business, deliver a service, or operate a brick-and-mortar company. You can still use them to leverage the internet for increased profits.

Build Relationships
People buy from people. Even as a company, your people are the face of your company. That’s why you need to build relationships with your current and potential customers. An occasional sales email is not creating a relationship.

One of the easiest ways to build relationships with people that are all over the country – and over the world – is by using the power if the internet. The first step is getting a well-designed website that represents your brand and facilitates consistent engagement with your customers.

Leverage Social Media
It is good to get all the social media handles with your business name. But, you should only focus on those where your target customers are likely to be. Otherwise, you will stretch yourself thin and not gain as much traction from your use of social media.

Some companies have used social media extremely well to build followers for their brand. They have increased their followers exponentially through interactive social media engagements with their audience. You can increase followers and generate more sales with a solid social media presence.
Customer Management

If your website does not have an intuitive customer management system, then you need to upgrade. Your site is supposed to work for your business, not the other way around. Unless it can streamline key processes or manage your customer relationships, then you are wasting time and money.

Content Marketing
Content marketing is another way to leverage the internet. You can add value to your offerings by supplying information that your customers can genuinely benefit from. In addition, you will also attract new customers while you grow your company within the industry. This could be done using blog, or through your newsletters that you send to existing customers and website subscribers.

Automate your systems
As business owners, the success of your business is often measured by how effectively your business processes are implemented. One of the main ways to improve business efficiency is by automating your operations. Not only does this free up your financial and human resource, it gives your company a professional edge over its competitors.

Automating your payment arrangements or systemizing your customer acquisition and retention processes are two options to consider when contemplating automation. You can do the latter with emails, newsletters and text messages that show your customers how much you value their business, while providing information on products and services of interest.