Advance Premium SEO

Advance Premium SEO (Foundation SEO Inclusive)

$600 Monthly Payment

Webpage Optimization

• Social Bookmarking
• Slide Share Marketing
• Forums
• FAQ’s
• Link Building
• Directory Submission
• Local Business Listings

Off Page Optimization

• Social Bookmarking
• Slide Share Marketing
• Forums/FAQ’s
• Link Building
• Directory Submission
• Local Business Listings

Prior Analysis

• Business Analysis
• Consumer Analysis
• Competitor Analysis
• 60+ Selected Keywords Targeting
• 30 Pages Keyword Targeted

Tactical & Strategic SEO

• Competitor Analysis
• Analyze Your Backlinks
• Optimize for Mobile
• Use Secure HTTP
• Optimize Page Speed
• Optimize for Voice Search
• Use Structured Data

Tracking & Analysis

• Google Places Inclusions
• Google Analytics Installation
• Google Webmaster Installation
• Call To Action Plan
• Creation of Sitemaps


• Monthly Reporting
• Recommendation
• Email Support
• Phone Support

After-Development Support

Also Get These for $50 / Month

Tech Support

Technically maintain your websites, initiate updates and integrate new technologies and functions.

Secure & Protect website

Our premium layer of protection helps secure and protect your website from cyber threats.

Downtime Monitoring

Monitor website downtime in real time to react quickly and optimize productivity.

Back up and Recovery

We perform automatic and secure backups of your website in the cloud. Sleep in peace knowing your web content secure.

We analyze your website contents using Google Webmaster Tools to find and resolve error messages.

Basic SEO

Constant pinging of google crawler to index webpages and optimize web content with built-in suggestions based on widely-accepted best practices.

Content Delivery Network

Accelerate your site speed and boost SEO rankings by optimizing web images and scripts based on visitor location and improve user’s experience.


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